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Where girls can access information confidentially so they can get real
answers to their sensitive questions

The Need

Prevalence for HIV/AIDS
in girls


Girls are victims of sexual violence every year


Of all sexual assaults are on girls younger than 15


Cause of death for girls
15-19 is child

Our Solution
How we do it

Machine Learning

We use machine learning to match your question against our database of 1000’s of questions, to provide you an answer.

Human Backed

If we can’t find that answer, our system forwards the request to a human, which our system then learns from


Our whole system is automated, so whether you are asking, or just reading a Wikipedia article, it’s lightening fast to do so.

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so you can distribute to your community!

In the News
Our Team



On a mission to use technology to empower people. Former life as a competitive figure skater and backpacker of the world.



Loves building technology for good. Explorer at heart. former employers include Google and Morgan Stanley.


Director of OPS

Believes in social impact through enterprise. Background in grassroots development. Reads books about dragons.